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    I was injured a couple of months ago at work when I tripped over boxes left outside my office. I fell and sustained a facial laceration that required stitches. A panel physician put my stitches in. I have been back to him recently because a scar remains. He explained that it is unusual how it healed, but scar tissue remains underneath. The only possible way to correct it may be to send me to a plastic surgeon, have him open it up, clean it, and sew it back up again. I understand there is a one time scar payment in PA payable to an injured party that has a scar on their face. Am I obligated to see the plastic surgeon if I decide I don't want to have this opened up again? When and how do I go about receiving the scar payment benefit. It is not a large scar, but it is on my cheekbone area. How is the amount of the payment determined?

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    workers comp is voluntary
    you can opt out any time

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