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    I am on the safety team at work and we all have been writing up some cracks on our safety walks that the company does. For over 8 months it has been said that they will fix them because we move large racks of 84" by 72" sheets of glass (about 65 sheets on each rack ) and they weigh about 70 pounds each sheet, anyway I was pushing one of the racks in March and the back wheel got caught in a crack and it made the front wheel turn and roll over half my foot, they dont see any breaks but I have constant pain and am doing PT. 2 days after the accident they filled the cracks, if my foot doesnt heal can I get a lawyer for future loss

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    sd Guest


    You can't sue company and workers comp is only answer. You will get treatment and if your injuries are considered bad enough that you are partially permament disabled you will get a rating and a settlement.

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