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    I would like to know
    how you can get the help
    you need when no one will fight
    W/C why don't anyone wunt to help
    the ones that need it you pay for
    W/C but they don't do there part
    the law should step in and help
    everyone that is hurt and tell me what happens
    to the ones who work for W/C when they get hurt
    do they have the same trouble as we do
    I Don't think so. so why don't they tell us
    how to do what they do ???

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    To everyone
    I Think Like you do the system sucks.I am allso in Georgia and i wrote the one that starts
    I like to know. I am a Friend of someone who was hurt on the job and can't get any help from Workmans comp or anyone els and I think if everyone Helps each other it can be done.if anyone in Georgia or any other state
    Wunts to put there email or any other way to
    Talk to each other. then lets do it and stop
    the the wrong the W/C is doing to everyone.
    hope to hear from all of you who wunts to get help lets do it.

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    Has anyone ever tried a discrimination suit against comp? They discriminate based on disability and deny medical care and benefits that are guaranteed in their own insurance policies. Since employers must, by law, have comp insurance and private insurance won't touch a work related injury, isn't this discrimination of injured workers? Denying benefits based on injury? There has to be something, anything to nail these people to the wall on.

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    I think we all need to write the Congress the address is 1517 Longworth House Office Bldg, Washington, D.C. 20515(Home Office) . We all should write and tell our stories. I think if we send enough letters and make some telephone calls maybe someone will look into this LAW. The telephone number I have is (404) 633-0927, I called and told my story and really would not take no for an answer. I was given a story about State Law and Federal Law, but enough pressure from the Federal side will cause the State to look into somethings. So lets get to venting to our Congresswoman and make her work for us! I will be writing and I will post anything I get, I think we can make a difference. It is time for a change and there's no time like right now.

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    I believe most governments see to it that human rights, etc, (state and federal) have no jurisdiction over compo or work disability insurance industry. Same goes for employment boards, standards, or whatever.

    In other words, government sees to it that appeals and hearings are "technically" available and accessible, therefore any other outside advocates would be interfering with the so called authority of appeal boards etc.

    They've got it covered but I'd be interested in seeing someone from industry prosecuted for "proven fraud." Documented fraud by compo seems to be acceptable practice, so haven't quite figured out how to get politicians to care enough to take a stand.

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