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    Hi I am a 31 yr old who was injured at work in Illinois i had a back injury that resulted in a level L3 to S1 polar srew fixation fusion.I have reached MMI and the doctor gave me a disability rating of 30%.I am back to work now but not with same employer were i hurt my self.I went from $14 an hour and 55 hr work week to a $6.75 job part time at a mere 2o hours a week.I did have vocational rehab but it hasn't worked yet for me I just recieved a call today from vocational counseler that work comp told him to put my case on hold? why? he didn't know all the details of why just that the employer was complaining.does any body know how much money this case is worth?any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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    First of all, ILLINOIS does NOT use the AMA guidelines when determining the value of a workers' comp. case. In ILLINOIS, we use Case Law for values. This means we as attorneys, look at prior Industrial Commission decisions for similar injuries to determine the value of cases. The more variables that your case has in common with reported cases the easier it is to put a dollar value on your case. Having said that, there are additional variables that we as attys. in ILLINOIS use such as.... length of time off of work, nature of the treatment & care, the assigned Arbitrator, the county which the matter was filed in, the nature of the job, the client's ability to return to the same or similar type of work, whether the employer is self insured or not & if the carrier is a local carrier or not, just to name a few. Also, values in ILLINOIS case values (as in many states) are dependent on the average weekly wages earned. It has been my experience that workers' compensation carriers receive incorrect information when calculating wages and rates. Incorrect information results in wrong amounts being paid in benefits & settlement. My suggestion is that you contact a local attorney (or obviously ME-someone liscenced in ILLINOIS), as the nature & extent of your injury sounds to serious to screw around with & will affect your future. Good Luck.

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    well hockey how much would you say it is worth.I can not do my old job i am on pernament work restrictions. i had nerve blocks, cortizone injection, physical therapy, and work hardening.
    your a lawyer right? well in your own opionion what do you think a settlement is must have had some similar cases.i have been off work for a year now.the insurer is liberty mutual.woodstock is the county.
    the nature of the job was heavy machining.$520 was my weekly wage gross.the job i do know is a cashier.

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    Get an atty. NOW!!!!!

    The rate the company may be using for benefits & ultimately to evaluate the settlement may be wrong. The exact nature of injury might be underrated. There maybe issues of future medical & outstanding bills. Other intagable considerations may have to be added into the valuation equation. Rehab & job training may be issues to look at. Surgery might still be an option....

    Also, in ILLINOIS, lifetime medical attaches to cases that go to trial & in your case, with what you have described as you injury, ongoing problems & transferable work skills, this should be considered.

    You need an advocate, whether its me or some other ILLINOIS atty. knowledgeable in workers' comp. Final settlements should only be considered when treatment is concluded, the injured person has reached maximum medical recovery (even if that means never recovering to 100% of preinjury status), all records have been reviewed & the top dollar can be obtained.... This is to important to try to play Johnny Cochran yourself. If you want to discuss specifics, you can e-mail me direct.....

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    To Anonymous in N.C.:
    once you get an atty and begin the legal track they make it almost impossible to go back and use the administrative options. Communicate with your adjuster and employer frequently; let them know how you are doing and what you expect to happen. Make sure your doctor also does it. If you are not getting your questions answered, contact your state's work comp helpline. You should consider an atty if neither of those work.

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