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    How is compensation figured when there were a number of different injuries? 2 hand surgeries, 3 knee surgeries, 1 shoulder surgery, 1 elbow surgery and neck and back treatments as yet no surgery.(ditch cave-in) Do they lump them all as one? Or add so much for each injury.

    Also can my wife sue my employer on her behalf for lost of companion, stress, etc.

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    Multiple body parts from the same incident is considered a single injury. Most state impairment rating instructions give rules for combining into a single rating.

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    When you say 'compensation' I presume you are referring to the settlement aspect of your claim. Under most state's workers' compensation laws, and in particular Illinois', each part of the body is assigned a maximum value. To determine the ultimate value of the entire case, each of the multiple injuries you sustained are individually evaluated and then a settlement value based on each injury (added together with the rest) is made. With regard to how compensation is figured out with multiple injuries, it must first be understood that you sustained 1 accident. Because the injuries all result from one accident, you will not be able to piecemeal settle each injury separately (although you can come to agreement with the workers' comp. insurer on each one, 1-at a time). With regard to your wife, NO, she has no viable claim under Illinois' workers' comp. laws. As to whether she might have a claim under another theory or against a party other than your employer, I suggest that you consult with an attorney knowledgeable in tort law (personal injury). Further, because of the severity of the injuries you sustained and the need for multiple surgeries, I suggest that if you have not retained a lawyer, knowledgeable in Illinois' workers' comp., that you do so at once....good luck.

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