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    I was injured in july 2002 at work, squatted down and my knee blew out,led to extensive surgey,without a MRI.Should have known when they don't even give you crutches after surgery,anyway, Everything was fine at first WC, DR. payments ect. Now this is july 2003 and still can't climb steps or squatt or walk any distance but Dr. released me to light duty as the safety director demanded it although there is no light duty but have to play along for 45 days,then if you can't do the work after 45 days they basically let you go legally . Call my so called dr. he says well I have done all I can do try to do the work they set for you.This is the fun part people when you return to light duty if it is 2 hrs. to 40 you have to report this to WC by fax then they calculate what you might get due to not making full wages I get paid every 2 weeks on the job and the first actual check I got was well nothing as I can't do the work and had to call in sick alot. called the WC worker oh yes we are on it ,that was aweek ago. By the time they get you back to light duty you are financially ruined no self esteem or pride left at all,lied to by everyone. A piece of advice to all injured covered by WC, Your case worker is not your friend or your boss or the Dr. Be very careful what you say...IF it is a serious injury looking to be long term by all means get a Attorney to protect you rights ,if you don't no one else will,do not let them get you to the point of do I pay the eletric bill or eat. They put you on light duty but can't even afford the gas to get there. What a crock of bull...

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    Your dr has done all that he can do for you but that does not mean there is not another dr that may be more specialized for your problem.
    You are recommending attorneys, I hope you have one also. He should be petitioning the courts for you to see another dr for another opinion. its a good idea to have a dr in mind that you want as you do not want to be given another WC cronie. See if you can't find out who the best knee surgeons are in your area, even if it means traveling to another town to see the best!
    good luck to you, don't give up hope yet!

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