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    Default How Long Can You Be On Workers Comp

    I had Carpal Tunnel surgery back in July but it did't goes well, now I dont have normal mobility in my right hand. I've being in workers comp since June but I dont know how long will be. Now I'm seen another doctor and he found that I still have carpal tunnel on the same wrist. Can I apply for SSC while I'm in workers comp?

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    Theorectically you can be on WC for the rest of your life. Actually, you will be entitled to different benefits as time passes. So long as you are actively treating, working towards getting better, and your doctor feels that certain treatments will improve your condition, you should be entitled to TTD benefits if you are unable to work while getting this treatment.

    Once you have had all the treatment the doctors think may help, you will be deemed to have reached Maximum Medical Improvement and your permanent disability, if any, will be rated. A settlement may or may not follow.

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    It depends what state you live in. In Indiana, it is 500 weeks

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    In MA, permanent total, if you can get it, lasts till age 65. They don't do this easily, however. A friend of mine waited 6 long years and had her benefits cut along the way, making it tough to live, but I think necessary in order to not get screwed like I did.

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