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    Unhappy Significance of Being Sent to an IME

    Hi I hurt my back at work in 2005. Since then I have had 3 steriod injections a microdiskectomy and numerous phisical therapy plans all to no avail. I am being sent for an IME This month. Right now I am being paid through WC as i should but I have heard that an IME usually means they are going to try to cut me off. Any advice or thoughts on what my next step should be, Should I try to get a lawyer before i go to the IME. Any advice for the IME itself????

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    Default Re: IME question

    Dear damaged goods,

    I had my IME a year ago and still on WC, usually when they request an IME, they need to find out to what degree your injury is that gives them a score to which they base your settlement on.

    It is always the best choice to get an ATTY. FIRST for anything with WC. you can also ask your attenting physician if he can recommend a good doctor to rate you instead of getting a dr. the state offers.

    Your case doesn't sound like it's closing they are just getting all info needed for when that happens.

    As for the IME, a dr. will take about 2 hours to give you a complete physical and mental evaluation which they submit to WC, you will also get a copy of this rating, you won't see it for about a month though.

    Good luck keep us posted.

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    Default Re: IME question

    I would guess the IME is going to agree with you and that there is no more treatment that'll improve your condition. Once you have reached maximum recovery the temporary disability will stop and some permanent impairment benefits will remain. If you can't go back to your usual type of work it may be time to check out other occupations.
    To find out more about Maine work comp program check the state website


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