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    Default Settlement With Concern About Future Medical Problems

    So, after speaking with a friend who works with wc issues, she said that it seems I have substantial case to get a settlement. I've been on wc since 2004 which resulted in lower back surgery. I was told by my surgeon that it will take some time to get the feeling back in my leg. It's now been 3 years and whattya know, no feeling. On top of that, there is scar tissue on a nerve and I lost the feeling in my foot also.
    First, I was told that after so many years of being on wc and the iw goes back to the doctor for a problem, that wc will fight the problem by saying that it's a new injury even though its not. (I don't know if thats true or not)
    Secondly, if my injury stops me from working later on in life, the monies I would get would reflect the money I was making at the time of the injury, right?!
    Part of me wants to settle, the other half is worried about future back problems.
    Now after reading all of the threads about the lawyers and courts, etc., it doesn't seem worth it to even go through with it. Or is it??

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    Default Re: Is it even worth it??

    The first thing I will say is if you dont have an attorney get one. WC will do everything in their power to fight you and they have a team of attorneys just looking for billable hours to do it. Sounds like you have a good case but you will need an attorney to make things right. If you dont already have an attorney do your research on them and make sure you get a good one the biggest firm is always the best as I found out. I wish you lots of luck hope this helps you

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