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    Hello all. My name is Mike. I am in the same boat as most that I read about in this forum. I live in Mississippi on the coast. You have some idea of how rough life has become. Cost of living has more than doubled. This is no exaggeration. I am a professional communications / data/ security technician. Never used any aid from the gov. and never hurt bad enough to have to stop working. Now the only way to have workers comp. pay for medical expenses is to be placed on no work status. That means the insurance company provides an indemity check for income during this no work status. Insuance provides up to 66% of my income before the injury. However, they are getting away with only paying 25% due to MS Comp. law. I make 26.00 an hour at work with 10 - 20 hours OT weekly. MS max payout is close to minimum wage. I am a single father. I now have lost my house and forced to move with a freind, All my bills are over due, the car is about to be repo'd and we are usually eating less and less. The inurance co. have not sent a check in over a month and every time I speak with them they talk as if their money is not a right of mine to have. God Bless America. There is a NURSE giving approval or denying treatment suggested by a doctor. How did that ever happen? I tried to contact the Governors office time and time again to find there is no official person to speak with and tell that the alloted funds that Workers comp. pays an individual is very out dated and it is the lowest amount in the country. When will Mississippi join the rest of the American society. If you think to look at the problems here in MS you will soon find that in every way this state is substandard compared to any other. Do NOT move here unless you like 2nd world living standards, and/or want to exploit the disenfranchised homeless by taking advantage of this states lack of and poor legislative rules & regulations. I will not hold my breath that this will make a grain of a bit of difference. I hope all is getting better for someone out there. Thanks for reading about this.

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    Mac5000, I am so sorry about your terrible situation.

    The only way to improve things in your state is for you, and people in a similar situation, to get involved. Call and email and write to your state legislators--the ones who represent your local district---and tell them the truth about the system and about your own situation. Demand that they take some action to fix it! They work for you, my friend! They have the power to fix it, but the lobbies for the insurance companies and employers hold more sway bc they are better organized than the injured workers. Usually, no one goes to bat at the state legislatures for workers except unions and state trial lawyer associations.

    You should also complain to Senator Trent Lott. He is mad as hell bc of the way the insurance folks treated him after he lost his house in the hurricane. Let him know what is happening to you, and how the insurance company is treating you. Email or phone is the best way to contact Federal legislators.
    The North Carolina Court of Appeals has held that "In contested Workers' Compensation cases today, access to competent legal counsel is a virtual necessity." Church v. Baxter Travenol Labs, Inc., and American Motorists Insurance Company, 104 N.C. App. 411, 416 (1991).

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    Angry Re: The Mississippi Workers Comp System

    Some info on contacting Trent Lott, Gene Taylor, Legislators, or Governor. Doesn't do a bit of good. The senator and congressman don't involve themselves in W/C because, according to their offices, that is a state problem. Call the governer's office and talk to someone who sounds like he fell off of a turnip truck onto his head which just shook up the small bit of grey matter he had and will do nothing about the situation!! I decided to not even bother with talking to the useless legislators who spend more time wasting taxes than caring for the people they represent. They represent themselves!! It all comes down to who pays who the right amount of money to pad pockets!! Give it up, as long as the attorneys, ICs and dictator companies are in bed together we IWs have NO CHANCE!!!!!!!!!

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