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    I hope someone has some advice for me. Last week I had a severe allergic reaction (Anaphylaxis Shock) while at work. I work for a small company, although it is a franchise, that does have chemicals around the building. My boss had just bought brand new trucks and had sprayed Scotchguard all over the interior. One particular truck had been sitting in sun for a few days and had not been opened up. I was sent out to put something in this truck and within about 20 mins , possibly less I started to feel dizzy, sick to my stomach and my hands and feet started to itch. From then my tongue started to swell and my lips swelled up to where they almost touched my nose. 911 was called , by myself, at my boss's request. My entire body was in hives and I was scratching so hard I was bleeding. The hives covered my arms, torso and legs. By this time I was having a hard time swallowing and breathing in general. I was taken to the nearby hospital by ambulance. The paramedic looked for bites, none were found. We went over everything I had done or come into contact with. It was only the Scotchguard that was different in my day. That and moving a trash can outside the office. Nothing else different the entire morning. No different foods, nothing! The ER nurse said 10 more minutes and I might not have made it. Here is my problem... today I received a bill from the hospital. My insurance only paid a TINY portion of the 1700.00 bill and I have yet to receive the ambulance bill. My boss says since I cant prove that it was something from work that he isnt responsible for any bills and that it is not something his workmans comp will cover. Is this correct? I realize I wasnt injured and I didnt miss any days other than the afternoon I spent in the ER. I dont want anything except help with this medical bill. Is he right that he doesnt have any responsiblity? He says because I went out to lunch early that day that it could have been anything.. even tho all I did at lunch was drive thru the bank's drivethru window. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I am a single Mom and am afraid he will fire me if I question his decision on this. Sorry this was such a long read.....

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    Hello Not me - my husband also worked for an independently owned small company - a landscape & patio supply yard. He came home from work one day in August of 2006 with a rash on his forearms. We thought it was poison oak, because he had been splitting firewood earlier that day. Over the counter treatments didn't work, and the rash worsened. We had no medical insurance at the time, so doctor's visits were out of the question....for the time being. Well, the rash turned to pustules, which developed into huge abscess-type cysts on his arms, hands,& back. Then came cellulitis, fever, and an all-over itchy rash that drove him crazy. This was when we made the first trip to the hospital. To make a long story short, he filed for comp benefits, and Accident Fund dragged their heels approving his claim for over a year, because we could not pinpoint one particular substance that may have been the cause of this condition. My husband was hospitalized 4 times, was diagnosed positive for MRSA 3 times, had more blood tests and cultures taken than I can count, and had a PICC line inserted twice for long-term home I.V. antibiotic therapy. What finally got his claim approved was a well-worded letter from his doctor, who commented that it was really interesting how the condition would clear up while my husband was off work being treated for the condition, and how it would come back within 2-3 days after his return to work. My husband tried to return to work 4 times after being treated, and all 4 times the rash and sores recurred. His comp was finally approved, based, I'm sure, on the doctor's letter. We still don't know for sure what's causing the condition, but the doctor told my husband that if he continued to try to go back to work there, it would eventually kill him. the only problem we have with Accident Fund now is that they hold his checks occasionally until he faxes or mails something from his doctor stating that he still cannot return to work. I don't know if this is within their rights - my husband has told them that as soon as he is cleared to return to work they will be the first to know. He wants to work, and is losing money being on comp. Sorry this is so long - I guess the point I was trying to make is that if you keep trying, and have your doctor intervene, you may get results. Good luck to you, and I hope you do well.

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