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    I finally contacted my c/m at w/c she said everything was on hold because the did not agree with the second doctors ppi rateing and asked him several times to change it "they think its to high "so she faxed my medical records to a doctor joseph bergeron in carmel in. I ask so you want a IME she said no she didnt think that it would be necassary for me to see him > well now i have an appointment with him friday and when i looked up his field of practice on the indiana certifacation site he was not on it does this mean his not certified to examine me and if not should i bring to my C/m at w/c or just go to see what he says. Thank you in advance for your help

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    I'm not sure the laws require certification so it may not make a difference -- except of course to you.
    You should bring copies of any records you have and make sure he has a complete set; you'll want him to have a complete history of your condition.
    If they already had their exam don't let them continue to "shop" for the lowest rating.

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    thank you sh i would think they will have to give up sooner or later iam not real worried about the rateing but if you look up joseph bergeron on line he guess speaks for wcb all the time they charge 20 dollars a head for him to talk about wrong findings in ppi and how to lower rateing "you know play with the numbers "so as far as i can tell iam pretty much scwred and thiers nothing i can do about it

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