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    Default Can The Workers Comp Doctor Refuse To Treat You

    I was injured in jan 07 and told I had a torn TFCC and torn ligaments and need sugery which was scheduled on 5/18/07 The ortho said he would retro back to when I was injured in jan (had me on light duty I kept telling him I could not do) He said he would retro if the adjuster did not have a problem with it Adjuster said he was fine with it but then Dr nurse said Dr changed his mind Dr office blamed adj. Adj. blamed Dr. I got very upset and told dr office I felt like I was being jerked around. Anyway go to Dr office today to get a refill on my meds I am told Dr will not treat me anymore and my surgery is cancalled and to call my adj. I call adj and he knows nothing about it. Is this something they can do and what should I do next. I was told if I hire a attorney the insur. adj will stop talking to me He so far is the only one that is helpful Thank you for reading

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    Default Re: Is this legal I need advice

    you may want to hire an attorney

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    Default Re: Is this legal I need advice

    You NEED to hire an attorney NOW, if not yesterday. Most likely it is the IC adj doing the jerking. Helpful though he may seem he does after all hold the purse strings. And we all know he who holds the purse strings has control over everything. Be very careful accepting his help as it sounds like he may have already helped you have more problems than you need.

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    Default Re: Is this legal I need advice

    sounds like you'd be best served by a change of physicians. Put your request in writing.

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    Default Re: Is this legal I need advice

    No the injury happened on 1/19/07 they sent me to a "doc in a box" clinic they said no use of right arm and sent me to an ortho. That took them like 15 days to set up the appt. I saw the ortho and he said need mri and light duty work I tried the light duty and could not do it my employer let me take off of work but I was not getting paid. It took them about 2weeks to set up 1st mri. Those results were not clear enough to read so they set me up for a2nd mri and arthogram. That showed the injury and dr said I need surgery. Then he took me out of work but not til 3/28 Is the time from 1/19 to 3/28 lost?Dr said he would go back retro then he changed his mind I feel I have had the same injury since 1/19/07 not my fault it has taken 2 mths to finally be put on no work restrictions right? If someone might know please help. Also what is the best way to find an attorney than spec. in wc in the Gwinnett area? Any suggestions?

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