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    Default Anyone have Trouble with Guarnaschelli?

    I am looking for ANYONE who has been to J. Guarnaschelli.
    I was injured at work 3 years ago. C3-4 C5-6 herniation.
    First he said I needed surgery but I didn't want it.
    Now 3 years later after lots of PT, Epidurals.....etc. I had another MRI
    Now C3 to C7 are herniated (5) plus 3 Nerve root compressions.
    NOW he says I have no change from the MRI from 3 yrs ago and BLEW me off!!!

    W/C case worker said 2 years ago when she DEEMED me at MMI that she could CALL Guarnaschelli and tell him to put me at MMI and he would do what she asked.......well he did. ANYONE else run into this with him? Or any Neurosurgeon???

    I have had 5 doctors other than him say IF I don't have surgery I will end up with permanent damage and possible paralysis.


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    Red face Re: Anyone have TROUBLE with Guarnaschelli?

    hey try dr. von
    john vaughn
    1760 nicholasville road
    lex ky 40503
    maybe he can help you. this doctor is very good and he really cares! my prayers are with you

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    Default Re: Anyone have TROUBLE with Guarnaschelli?

    My Doc was going to deem me at MMI because I didn't want surgery, I wanted to give it more Time to see if by some miracle it would get better on it's own.
    In the mean Time W/C cut me off because I refused surgery.
    I had to go back and give the OK for surgery or go hungry.
    I just don't understand why the I/C thinks we can survive on nothing till there's a settlement and why the laws are set up to back this decision.
    After the surgery I feel worse now than I did before...

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