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    Exclamation What Are Bone Spurs

    My doctor says that I have aquired bone spurs but he hasn't ran another MRI,X-RAYor any other type of test.How can he suddenly say that has formed without a test to tell that.I could not have had them prier to the injury.but regardless what is bone spurs and how does bone spurs effect me in the future and affect my case or injury.

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    Exclamation Re: What is bone spurs

    h12164, OUCH!! That is the best way I know to describe bone spurs, but you likely already know that. One way to describe bone spurs is the cockroaches or cockle burrs of the skeleton. They serve absolutely no purpose. Some people are bothered by them others are not.

    I had bone spurs develop in my right shoulder over 3 years after I sustained the original injury that tore my rotator cuff. (Mayo dosen't say specifically that they are a result of injury. They do however state they can be a result of disease. Many orthopedic "diseases" start out with an injury so I guess it is one of the same, sort of.) All I can attest to for sure is they weren't there on the initial x-rays and the first time they showed up on x-ray was a little over 3 years later. When I finally went in, 4 years post injury, for the repair to the rotator cuff the bone spurs had severed one of my tendons to just a thread. Had I let it go much longer, according to the surgeon, it could not have been reattached.

    I have recently found out that I have a few of these nasty buggers growing on my cervical spine. NOT and I repeat NOT wanting to find out what the doc plans to do about them.

    As for your doctor diagnosing them without diagnostic studies, maybe. What I mean by that is your symptoms can tell him/her a lot where bone spurs are concerned. Traditional x-ray is the best way to confirm his suspicion of bone spurs. I would ask the doc to NOT report his diagnosis of bone spurs until he has confirmed this with x-rays.

    As far as the effect on your injury it all depends on if they are causing you grief or not. As far as effect on your WC claim, don't even let them try to tell you that the spurs are causing the injury. Any loop hole these IC's think they can slip a toe into they will try and run their whole darn leg through. If you have a documented injury with a specific accident there shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately if you have a cummulative injury the IC's love to find anywhere to lay the blame for the problem but on your job functions. If you don't already have a WC attorney you will most likely need one in the very near future.

    Where are your bone spurs located?

    From the Mayo Clinic web site.

    Bone spurs, also called osteophytes, are bony projections that grow along the edges of bones. The bone spurs themselves aren't painful, but they can rub against nearby nerves and bones and cause pain.

    Bone spurs can form on any bone. Most commonly they form where bones meet each other — in joints — but they can also be found where ligaments and tendons connect with bone. Bone spurs form in the joints that make up your knees, hips, elbow, shoulders, fingers and feet. Bone spurs can also form on the bones of your spine.

    It isn't clear what causes bone spurs, but doctors believe they occur in reaction to changes in your joints due to diseases and aging. Bone spurs usually occur as a result of a disease or condition — most commonly osteoarthritis. But they can also form on their own.

    Most bone spurs cause no signs or symptoms and may go undetected for years. Other bone spurs form in places where they might rub against other bones or push against nerves, causing pain and disability. What treatment, if any, that you receive for your bone spurs depends on where they're located and how they affect your health.

    There is more information at the above web pointer as far as removing then and prognosis.

    Hope this answered your question take care,

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    Default Re: What is bone spurs

    SteelMagnolia is very much on point with the condition.

    Bone spurs are one of those things that's really hard to decisively pinpoint when or where they came from. Oftentimes they do result following injury. Think of it this way, if the bone is injured, your body sends extra help to the injury site to help it heal.

    Like a lot of "fixes" sometimes it gets out of hand and provides too much of the bone to replace what was broken. Think of it like putting too much spackle over a hole in your wall and getting left with a little bump where there was damage before. It's not a hole anymore, but it's also not as smooth as it was to start.

    Bone spurs can just come over the course of time, from the wear and tear we put on our bodies, and the body responding to gradual damage by gradually adding more minerals, etc., to try to fix it back.

    Whether or not they were caused by your injury may not ever be proven to any real measure of certainty. If you had xrays immediately following your injury, and the spurs were already there, then that likely means they weren't caused by the injury.

    However, over time they can get worse. Usually in surgery, the doctors will try to remove any that they can see. Problem is, that the body sees that as a new injury to try to heal, and in the course of time, the spurs usually come back.

    It's a very common diagnosis, as pretty much everyone has them. Whether or not they're irritating a nerve or muscle tells whether they actually hurt or not. As far as diagnosing that without new films, it's sketchy at best.

    Good luck to you, and I hope this helps.

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