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    Talking Workers Comp for Beginners

    Well im new to this forum. But a 3 year survivor of dealing with Workmans Compensation. So a quickie about me. Ive worked since 12 years of age, babysitting, dogwalking,lemonade stand...basically I have always worked. Heck I even carried 2 jobs just to kill time till of course the children came.

    I have worked in the medical field for about 10+. Busted my butt for them, basically I loved my job and I did it well.So well that about 2 years ago while dealing with a patient, I ended up popping out 3 discs. I went to a dr that seemed to just pass out pain pills like it was candy. Now, I had enough sense that it just masks the problem. Well I decided to opt for another dr.Since I have dealt with WC patients before, I knew I was in for a long ride. So i made sure the Dr. I picked fell under my insurance plan, just incase. I found Dr. Ross, who has been the true positive force in my negative dealings. After a long year of treatments (and they did help).But after a few months, a new pain arised. I brought this to his attention. Got the MRI and guess what? 2 discs went in but one came out at least 14mm out. I then got surgery. It was both hard mentally and physically. But I knew I couldnt leave everything to the Drs. and with my WC.

    My WC group have been very good to me. I know they arent my friend, but I knew they werent my enemy. They were there to do there job. I had a responsibility to keep them up to date. See, it dosent matter how efficent the Drs office maybe or how professional they or their staff maybe. Papers get lost and faxes seem to drop, so what ever i got from my doctors I immediatley faxed to my WC adjuster. I contacted my HR, and provided them with the same information. I know its a pain in the rear, but let me tell you something, so is waiting for your paycheck.

    So yeah after the surgery, I went through it all physical pain, disappointment and let downs from my job, family and friends. Oh and lets not forget the wonderful weight gain ( i worked out all my life). And for you moms out there, we may love our husband and kids but oh my gosh, watching them tear the house apart.

    I have opted to deal with my recovery with only vitamins and supplement, Ibuprofen 200mg pain killer only. Dont get me wrong, after my surgery at the hospital morphine and vicodin, wooo the best damn sleep ive ever had but ive seen the effects it has in patients recoveries and I noticed patients who did it with vitamins, supplements & counseling faired alot better.

    I want others to know that im hear if you have questions, or just wanna talk because this is hard. You will hit obstacles and be left in the dark. But this forum is filled with great people who have been through this, did the research, stayed patient and overcame. So for those who need to vent about the ding dong drs, the screwups with WC, the hubby who dropped the bday cake after you ordered 1 month prior on the day of the bday party, or dealt with family and friends who just seemed to not care to much. I am more than willing to swap stories with you and help in anyway I can.

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    Just wondering what vitamins and such you take that is helping you with your pain, etc?

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    Wow I was whining at 5 or 6.

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