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    Default Standard Settlement Amounts For Injuries

    After a recent accident at work, I loss all use of my eye and discovered that it will not heal. I will never see out of that eye again. I have also heard that according to worker's comp laws, a standard settlement is awarded for each limb or function lost. Is that true and if so, where would I look to find a list on that information? Also, can I ask for ammendment's to any settlement I agree upon with company, such as agreement's that the company will be responsible for any future complication's stemming from the loss of eye sight in one eye or possiblity that future medical technology might be able to correct it? Can anyone help me with my question's or direct me as to where to look and discover the answer's for myself? it would be appreciated very much.


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    I assume your employer has comp insurance. If so here is the website with comp information
    Benefits are set by law. You would not be able to add any agreements that would be contrary to the comp laws or if you did they would not be enforceable.

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    Cowboy, so very sorry to read about your eye injury.

    With such a serious injury, you should find a VERY competent Work Comp Lawyer, to ensure that you best interests are protected, particularly if the IC wants to eventually try and settle your case.

    In addition to making sure that you receive the highest possible permanent disability rating, current treatment and FUTURE medical are very important benefits to protect.

    Try to make consultations with at least two or three WC attorneys. The intial consultations usually are free.

    In the meanwhile, try to learn as much as you can about Texas Work really helps you understand the "system" so that you can be more pro-active.

    Best Wishes,


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