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    Default Questionable Employer Practices in WC Case

    Hoping to get some thoughts and feedback on what appears to me questionable employer tactics regarding a WC restriction.

    Started a new job in Sioux Falls SD in late April. On June 18th, suffered a work related injury to back / left shoulder and arm. Followed the injury reporting procedure with the employer and sent to Sanford Occupational Health clinic. Was placed on two week restricted return to work duty with regular PT sessions at the health clinic, as well received a signed letter from the plant GM stating I would be on light clerical duty for two weeks.

    Upon return to work, supervisor and safety officer assigned light industrial work that fell outside of my restrictions. When questioned, they shrugged it off, stating there was nothing else for me to do in the plant and just "deal with it". A few days later, an offical document was publicly posted by the safety officers of the company stating that I was at fault by misjudging the safety requirements of the assigned task, although there was never an official investigation or interview, nor did I speak with any safety review board.

    Upon my two week follow-up visit to Occupational Health, the attending physician increased restricted duty for two more weeks and ordered an MRI to evaluate extent of shoulder injury as it doesn't seem to be healing properly. That was last week. The day after turning in the paperwork stating increased restricted duty, the HR adminstrator told me I had to start clocking out for PT sessions, doctors visits, and the MRI, as I wouldn't be compensated for that time. When I questioned the validity of that order, the HR administrator stated "I'm just a clerk here and can't get your answers". Further, even though I'm still a full-time 40 hr week employee, I did not get paid for the July 4th holiday. Most recently, my direct supervisor pulled me aside and attempted to commit me to a voluntary quit date preceding the ending date of my restriction.

    Could use some insight, comments, or resources please if anyone has anything to share. Much thanks...


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    Default Re: Questionable Employer Practices in WC Case

    discuss your wages and leave issues with your union.
    Most work comp laws do not provide wages for treatment time off. contact your state work comp agency for clarification.

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    Default Re: Questionable Employer Practices in WC Case

    When i was on light duty, i use to put my time in for the time i worked for the company, and then had to put the time in for W/C to pay me for the time i took to go to the doctors, treatments etc. It was seperate from what my employer had to pay me. Also they are suppose to pay you for your mileage. As far as quitting, i would not do it. Tell them if they want you to quit they will have to fire you. Seems to me you have to contact a lawyer as you are getting alot of bad treatment for your injuries.

    Also you should be paid for the holiday if you worked or not. What makes YOU not get paid for a holiday if the others do? Something is fishy and i smell a rat. Get legal help now.

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