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    Smile Understanding Workers Compensation Rights

    Hi I am new here, I've been reading alot on others questions and you guys have great feedback, Here's a little back ground for me, I injured my back in the end of Dec06 doing alot of heavy lifting boxes for my company that I have been with for 5 years, On a costco trip that I do for the grouphome and the main office that is alot of work, the onset came on that night and continuesd to get worse so I went to Urgent care and they said it was my back and that in a few days or a week it should be fine, I don't know anything about workman's comp and have heard nothing but trouble of them denying and I have sprained my back before a couple of times over the years and thought nothing of it that I would get better, Decided not to file anything at that point, I told my boss the next day that I hurt my back doing the Heavy lifting all them boxes and she did not have any feedback other then just "let me know if there's anything I can do" and I had sometime off due to Christmas Vacation, at the end of that I was not better and went back to the Doctors and was taken off work for another week, After that I still did not feel right went back to the doctor's and she told me to go back to work it will be good for me, well my back throbbed for months went to physical Therapy, shots in my back predisone pills 3 diffrent times, nothing was working and kept going back to diffrent dr's finally got a ct scan and it show questionable Bulg, but I was in pain just about daily, In march I was having a good day and I was covering at one of our other group homes and it just so happens that we had to move clients bedrooms from the basement floor to the 3rd floor to the 3rd to the basement and it went against everything I had but I help with the move, I even called my boss and said I needed help there was alot of stuff, hoping she would tell me not to be lifting, well she did not and working 12hr shifts alot over there that month I ended up doing all the cleaning, vacumeing ect, well the next day I was flat on my back again, called my dr and got another week off, this time it was awful the pain was not going away, everday throbbing in my back so I decided I was going to file a claim, this was in April,well with my insurance you have to see a Occupational health doctor and he basically discouraged it and said that out of so many people half of them have bulging disc with no symptoms and that I would get better and continue with my physical thearapy ect, then I found out that human resourses did not even know my injury was work related and thats when they had me fill out a Incident Report, I was upset that my boss minimized my injury and made me feel like it was all my doing, long story short I been suffering since dec o6 in may I felt sharp pain down my left leg, and went to the urgent care again they said it was related to my bulging dics and Had a mri following monday and it showing severly bulging disc at L4 L5 thats 15%spinal stenosis?? and that it's pressing on a nerve, I could not even walk, or hardly bath myself, at all, I decided to face it and file workmans comp as I know deep down in my heart this all started with the sprain and went down hill from there from pushing myself to hard working trying to get better, went through hell for about 5 weeks with the pinched nerve was off work , I am a canditate for surgery, I went back to work on light dutys as I can hear it in the insurance adjuster voice that she has doubt and its going to be a battle, I don't want to lose my job because of being off so much, my job had me sign a Family medical act leave back in march, because of all the diffrent Doctors I seen because my Doctor was not around or whatever, she said that some doctors said it was not work related when I've always said it was work related, just did not file workmans comp, I go see a IME doctor this tuesday and from what I've read I am taking a witness, I am feeling some what better I think from the meds, I am able to shower but by the end I am in pain, I have to sit down to finish getting ready, I can't walk on it long and at my work I really have to speak up and get help as staff are lazy and think I am fine or something, Sorry this turned into a book, and I hope it makes sense, Do I have any grounds and anykind of rights?? I have paid so much out of pocket it's not even funny, Also I live in Oregon and I can't understand half the crap that I come across concerning the law, it doesnt make any sense, any feed back would help put me at ease, thanks for your time.......................

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    Default Re: Need some advice on the whole thing

    If you don't know your rights and can't understand the work comp rules it's probably best you get an attorney.
    Make sure you get one that specializes in workers compensation

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