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    Default When Will I Get A Court Date

    Hi JlJ
    You had responded to my previous post about case being settled. I copied in your response.

    As I've posted on another thread here recently, your claim isn't "settled" until it is approved by the Tennessee Dept. of Labor or a Judge. A lot of times the holdups will be with being able to secure a time and date to get before one or the other to get it approved. You should be able to get that done at some point within 30 days (at the very most).

    I still have not gotten a court date or even heard a word about it. I have tried several times to call my attorneys office but they are always with client, on phone or gone to lunch. I left message on answering machine if someone would please just call me with update so I know something and of course no one calls.
    Is there not any way that I can find out when I will get that court date? It doesn't seem right that I can't get any answers. If it was settled on June 19th, 07 then why am I in the dark here on the settlement? I mean I do know the impairment rating and multiplier but thats all I know. Are there specific days the courts do workers comp? Any answers would be greatly appreciated, and thank you

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    Default Re: Question For JLJ

    If your own attorney's not keeping you in the loop with what's going on, I don't know what to tell you. A settlement approval doesn't have to be scheduled on any particular time schedule, and unless your statute of limitations is set to run, no one has to get in a big hurry to get it approved.

    I'd say the best bet for the whole thing is just lawyers on both sides who aren't paying attention to get this detail taken care of. I'd go to my lawyer, sit in his/her office and make him/her get on the phone and get a date-certain set for the approval.

    Other than that, you're kinda at the mercy of the system as far as getting lawyers to actually work.

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