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    Default Workers Comp and Short-Term Disability

    The business agent at work told me that after 30 days, I should automatically be put on short term disability. I have been on TWA since June. Has any one heard of this rule before? I am not sure if this is state wide or in a union/company contract. Has any one else heard of this ruling?

    The Business Agent told me not to tell anyone at work that he was the one that informed me about it.

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    Default Re: Is this a Tennessee WC Law?

    That's not any law that has anything to do with Workers' Comp. If you're still out receiving WC benefits, you likely wouldn't be able to get short term disability at the same time.

    There could be something in your Collective Bargaining Agreement through the Union that gets you there, but that's likely quite specific.

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    Default Re: Is this a Tennessee WC Law?

    JLJ, I have only been out three days on WC, but the company and IC says I will not recieve payment even though it is over three months after the accident.
    The company will not allow me to go out on WC, so they have made me sit in the office, drawing an 8 hour paycheck. I do not complain about having a job at all, just not being able to lay down any to relieve some pain and no indoor bathroom. I am a woman and it is difficult to time it when trucks aren't circling the building and the poison ivy carpet in the woods. I have not had to pay any doctor bills other than the doctor I went to outside of WC just to see what he said about the x-ray.
    I am not sure when you say receiving WC benefits if you mean paycheck or just doctor bills being paid.
    Thanks JLJ

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