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    Default Dept of Labor and Workforce Dev WC Div

    This organization has contacted me from the "Request for Assistance" and it appears they wanted the names, addresses, and phone numbers from these doctors. The letter states that they need this to start the investigaion. It says the Specialist will be contacting each person to get statements, medical records.
    It says it may be necessary for all parties to meet to discuss the issues in this case.

    It says to present all documentation that supports this claim.
    It looks like the ball is about to be pushed down the hill.
    I think about the management sticking together and telling that I lied about what butthead saidl. There is one lady that I feel will tell the truth. But you never know where others stand until a little pressure is applied. Where do they need to fit in or is the truth feel better than a lie. This will be a great study of how people really work that you have not figured out.
    I just wish it was a study on someone else. He-he!!
    I wonder if I will be able to tell by the looks on their faces when the stuff hits the fan.

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    Default Re: Dept of Labor and Workforce Dev WC Div

    Did you personally file a Request for Assistance, Lue? While it is something that you can do, you can be sure that the WC IC will have their lawyers preparing their response to the TDOL. When I was working for the ICs, I can't tell you how much success I had on cases at this stage.

    This is the best stage of the case for the ICs, because the TDOL tends to be more willing to deny/limit benefits than the Court does. If the TDOL enters a denial, it puts the employee in a tougher position of having to either suck it up with no income or take a crappy settlement.

    Don't underestimate the importance of this stage of the case. It's very, very important. The decisions made by the TDOL aren't final, but they do have an important impact.

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    Default Re: Dept of Labor and Workforce Dev WC Div

    JLJ, Yes I did file for assistance, but the business agent called the DOL with the complaint and got the ball rolling when management was harrassing me. The only complaint I sent in, was directed at the company, not the doctors. The complaint was about the manager having me come to work on medication, drive to work and back home. Having to go outside to use the bathroom since the doctor said absolutely no climbing stairs and I could not drive with the medication I took after I got to work so I could sit all day with the leg and foot throbbing.
    Even the superviser told the business agent that I would clean the building while on medication, and he absolutely would not provide transportation to and from work nor would he take me to the restroom. I had told the superviser I could hardly stay awake to keep the pain down and if he wanted me to scrub the building down, it would take a lot more medication to be able to move around and do the things he wanted me to.
    Still, there are days my foot and leg hurts bad enough that I take more medication to keep the throbbing down. If I were to get pulled over on the way home, and did a drug test, I do not know if I would pass it. The manager has the say so if I can stay home or not. Sit and stand at will means at this point to sit and do nothing all day. This is not a light duty work place. He said he didn't need my help in the office since he already has enough help. Today I sat in a 10 X 10 ft room because they said there were too many people in the office and not enough room with me in there. He seems to not be happy where I sit when I am there. If I am in one office, he needs to sit there, then when I go to the other room, I have to leave. I could care less, it does not hurt me feelings at all, but it doesn't make sense. I wonder if they are trying to make me take a leave.
    I hope the company doesn't own the DOL too. If they do, I am sure they will install toilet paper holders on the trees and the side of the trailers.

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