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    Smile Do You Pay Tax On Short-Term Disability Checks

    i have been on short term dis since june and was wondering if you have to pay taxes at the end of the year . some people say you do and some say no because its not earned income can some body help, i have a heriaded disk in my upper back that i got on the job lifting tire with another co worker

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    Default Re: Is there taxes on short term dis checks

    Badboy it depends on what kind of STD you are talking about. If it is wage replacement paid to your through WC then NO you do not pay taxes on it. By the description of your post your injury is work related and this is where your income should be coming from.

    Private STD policies, something you pay extra for through your job or one you buy on your own, would depend on if you paid for the policy with pre tax or post tax money.

    If you will get back to me a verify what kind of STD policy you are referring to then I will be glad to clarify this and give you a link to the information for your own use.

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    Smile Re: Is there taxes on short term dis checks

    my company has privite insurance and i receive a check every week from there ins company , it doesnt come from workers comp i dont think but i could be rong ty

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    Default Re: Is there taxes on short term dis checks

    and all my ins is though my wifes work not mine the only thing i have though work is dental ins

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