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    Default Can you use your group health insurance for accepted worker compensation injury

    The doctor - I saw said I could. I told him that worker compensation is denying me care for my accepted work injury. He said I could use my group health insurance.
    I have previously gotten care for my neck injury but work compensation inusrance company is denying me more care.
    So the question is can I use my group health insurance then for getting treatment for it after I have been screwed by a bunch of doctors making it a chronic injury? I mean I was screwed by the bastar** chiropractor and then the next doctor - a DO kept me on the same restrictions which my unethical manager, supervisors were not following and in fact laughing literally in my face. This went on for 4 months and the DO knew they were not following my restrictions. But he kept me at work still. I have come to the only conclusion anyone could - that he was wanting to make my pain chronic. Which happened and then The DO send me to his buddies - a chronic pain center (another bunch of unethical ASSHO**). I will detail why I am saying this in my first post to which I will add more details.

    How much further will I get screwed by these crooks before work compensation is satisfied? My neck is killing me besides the additional injury I got thanks to the work compensation insurance company, injury of which I will eloborate further that and tell things as they happened.
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    Default Re: Can you use your group health insurance for accepted worker compensation injury

    While your WC claim is being disputed YES you can use your private health insurance. They will need to place a lien on your WC claim to recover any money they put out on your cares. Just make sure you don't put on anything that it was NOT a work related injury. You open that can of worms and you can count on an even bitter fight on your hands getting WC to cover you work related injury.

    Good Luck to you,

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    Default Re: Can you use your group health insurance for accepted worker compensation injury

    Have you contacted the Division to get the hearing process started? Paying for your meds is only part of the problem, you need to get your case in line for income benefits.

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