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    Default How Long To Receive Settlement After C&R

    After C&R how long until we get paid?

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    Default Re: Receive settlement

    Once both parties have signed off on the agreement, it has to go to the WCAB judge to sign off on...this can be walked through to expediate the approval. But that doesn't mean it will happen that way.
    As a rule it should be stated how long the IC has to issue the check, but it usually comes in about 30 days. There is also interest due from the date the judge signs off.

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    Default Re: Receive settlement

    Actually Paragraph 7 on the C&R papers states that "Interest under LC 5800 is included if the sums set forth herin are paid within 30 days after the approval of this agreement." This is part of the form promulgated by the Division of Worker's Compensation.

    So unless this section was intentially deleted the following would apply -- interest and penalty would ONLY be due if C&R NOT paid within 30 days of order date.

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