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    Default Transportation Benefits If You Cannot Drive

    If you are not allowed to drive but are allowed to go back to work how are you suppose to get there does work comp pay for your transportation?

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    Default Re: benefits

    Beanner, what state are you in? It is different for every state. For he most part they just leave it up to you to get transportation and to pay for it.

    Doesn't make much sense to me but then when you find anything that makes sense about WC be sure and let me know.
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    If you are in Tennessee they will pay for the cheapest form of transportation for you. 7 days after rotator cuff & tendon surgery with my right arm in a sling my doctor released me to go back to work! In my case they figured out that it would be cheaper to let me stay home and recuperate than pay for cab & salary! What a hoot!

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    Wisconsin and a cab would be around 30.00 each way

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