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    Default How Long After Settlement Do You Get Your Money

    A decision has been rendered through compromise and release and I was just wondering how mong does it take to receive your settlement money??

    Also if I was injured and was denied workers comp. and 7 weeks after I was fired from my job can I prove that it was because I appealed and started fighting for my comp?


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    Lightbulb Re: how long after c&r settlement do you get your money?

    Number one question: After both Parties sign a C&R in Pa., it has to be scheduled to go before a Judge for a final reading and so that both parties understand and accept the terms of the agreement. After that, the Check is usually delivered in 30 days to your Attorney, who in turn takes out their fees etc. and sends you your balance, unless otherwise stipulated in your agreement.

    Number two question: You would have to have very strong evidence that you were let go for the sole and only reason being you were fighting for your w/c. Pa. is an "At Will" State, meaning you can be fired at will by your employer for any reason as they see fit, as long as it's not discriminatory. It may be possible to win a suit as you are asking about, but the evidence would have to be rock-solid, and that's usually very hard to get.

    I Hope this Helped, and have a Great Holiday!!

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    Question Re: How Long After Settlement Do You Get Your Money

    I also have been waiting for my settlement from workers comp, both sides waved the right 2 appeal which my lawyer told me would speed up the process of getting my check sooner. All agreements were signed and done in court on Dec 19th. How Long before i will recieve my settlement, i was told by my laywer it would be under 30 days. Im just being impatiant i know, but was wondering how long other peoples settlements took 2 recieve. Thanks

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    Default Re: How Long After Settlement Do You Get Your Money

    The time runs from the circulation date of the judge’s opinion approving the agreement. After the hearing, you will receive the judge’s decision and there will be a date on the upper right hand corner of the cover sheet. The old rule of thumb was 3o days to make payment from this date. That has changed somewhat of late, but you should still defiantly have your money within the 30 day period. Usually your portion of the settlement is sent directly to you and the attorney's fee is sent directly to your lawyer. If there are litigation costs, they will be sent to your lawyer and you will then be reimbursed for any portion you paid directly.
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