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    Unhappy Workers Comp Check Did Not Arrive

    Question please help , i was injured on the job 1999 i also had two surgery's in 1999 shoulder cuff ,i also have theoretic outlet syndrome due to my injury i was a Philadelphia police officer . the city finally approved my work related injury however Ive been on workers comp for 6 years , my disability is offset by my workers comp . so i only receive 370 from my disability pension , i do have an attorney but he seems to take forever getting back to me , he also gets a cut from workers comp , my question to you is i was due a check from workers comp almost 2 weeks ago it never came . i called my attorney and he wrote me an e mail and said his law firm did not receive there check from workers comp also , he said he knows nothing now and when he does he will get back to me ? Ive told him that i have bills that have to be paid but he didn't respond to that , my question to you is what do you think is happening with workers comp ? do you think Finally going to settle with me ? i look forward to your reply thank you .

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    Exclamation Re: workerscomp penna state please help

    Welcome stirfry, and Thank You for Serving Your Community in such a Dangerous manner! I'm from Pa. also, and they can't stop your checks arbitrarily without proper notification. And I'm sorry to say that them stopping payment doesn't mean they are going to settle, that Process takes a Compromise and Release Agreement between you and the i/c, approved by a Judge. I had my check late a couple of times due to the i/c being in the Mid-West, and weather causing a slow down, I'm also sorry to say they can be up to 29 days late in Pa. before you can Petitions for Penalties. Have you received any Paperwork lately from the State BWC or the i/c stating either "Notice of Petition for Superceadeus" or "Notice of Availability to Return to Work"? Those are two ways to Stop your Checks if they were received by you or your Attorney and not acted upon, otherwise they cannot stop your checks without Penalty just on a whim. Get back in touch with Your Attorney and MAKE them get on the Ball and get you your check!! It's their job to Help you when things go wrong, they work for you, and a few simple calls from them can get you your answers!! Best of Luck, and let us know how it goes!!

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    Red face Re: workerscomp penna state please help

    Thank you so much for your fast reply and thank you for your kind words , as soon as I'm finished writing a reply to you I'm going to be back on the phone trying to get my attorney on the phone i can almost guarantee i will not get him i will get his voice mail . but now i have some very good questions for him . and to answer your question i have not received anything in the mail from workers comp no letters , no check , i will get back to you and let you know what happens again thank you for responding so fast . Sincerely Stirfry

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