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    Default Re: What Settlement to Expect After an Epicondylectomy (Elbow Tendon)

    In michigan there is not a rating system. You either are working at no wage loss (no further wage loss benefits owed), working light duty (partial benefits owed), or not working and drawing full temporary total benefits. If you are released to return to work without restrictions, your wage loss is done, there is not a "lump sum" disability payout like other states. If you can't go back to your job of injury due to work related restrictions (they can't / won't accomodate you), then you may negotiate a lump sum payout of your claim (redemption) with the insurance company. You can do this on your own without an attorney, or chose to hire an attorney, who will be paid out of the negotiated settlement (your money, not the insurance company's). Good Luck

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    Default Re: What Settlement to Expect After an Epicondylectomy (Elbow Tendon)

    Its been 6 months since my surgery. My surgeon believes I need to continue physical therapy as even though I have full range of motion my strength is only at best 60%. The insurance company sent me to see their so called doctor who after a 3 minute exam which included squeezing his hand and just moving my arm around says I'm 100%. So my WC has been terminated. So my question to anyone do you advise fighting this without a lawyer?
    And Mike,how are you doing?

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