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    Unhappy Sent Back To Work Before Evaluation For Restrictions

    The ic is telling the company to put me back to work. The ic is tring to tell me that i am only restricted to not lefting more than 25 lbs. They claim that they called the doctor to verify if. I called that the doctor and he informed me no one called him.I ask the doctor to send me a list of my restrictions. Insted he's sending me someone to evaluate me and list my restriction. He's waiting for the ic approval for it. I woundering why the ic don't wait tile the evaluation is over. Give the fact they lied to me about talking to the doctor and tring to tell me that my restiction only aply to my weight lefting. Gives me a bad feeling.

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    Default Re: bad feelings

    let your employer know about their behavior. A company that is not fair to the workers will likely be unfair to the policyholder. They may want to think about changing carriers.

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