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    Wink Working Despite Duties That Exceed Restrictions

    Let me explain why I have allowed restrictions to be violated for so long.I have several reasons and employer knows these reasons as being 10,13,15&17(KIDS).And now I feel like I am between the proverbial rock and a hard place since mine is the only income comming in and now been cut back from 4,000per month to a little over 2,000per month because of no overtime.If go on TTD I will lose everything I feel that I am stuck with doing what I am told.I complain to my attorney and all I get is"do your best"my attorney is over 50 miles away.Next week I am going to my attorneys to find out what is going on with my case.I was not sure whether getting another attorney was a good idea or not,but I am thinking seriosly about it now the only thing i'm not sure of what it will cost to get a different attorney.Maybe i'm just confused as I have been throughout this whole thing.Anyway I have recieved some great advice from some great people but have been confused and maybe scared about following some of it because of the four reasons I mentioned.I think i've had enuogh I don't know if I fire the attorney or just hire another one could anyone tell me what to do and what kind of reprocusions may come of it.Someone offered to provide some help in that perspective and been too confused and buisy trying to cut through that confusion to take him up on that offer.So I appologise for that and if the offer still stands I think i'll p/m him and see how it goes.And as far as my employer goes I'm going to ask if they have work that follows my restrictions because I am tired of hurting for their enjoyment.Anyway got to go be well and god bless all I/W's.

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    Default Re: explenations and appologies

    hl2164, if you were to pm JLJ, the TN attorney from the Knoxville area that posts here, he should be able to tell you what procedures to follow as far as releasing your current attorney and finding a new one. It has been my understanding that you really don't want to can the current one until you have a new one lined up. The fees should be split between the different attorney's and should cost you no more nor no less than if you had only one for the entire case. JLJ can confirm or refute that I am sure. He seems to be very good at what he does and isn't stingy with his advise/information.

    Have you considered just having the doc put you on TTD and see it that helps your back/neck? If that were to happen you would also want to file for SSDI as when/if this is approved you would then be getting paid up to 80% of your average weekly wage at the time of the injury.

    I fully understand where you are coming from with your thought that you have to put up with anything and everything thrown your way when you have kids to support. My last one recently graduated high school so it hasn't been so very long ago for me either. The thing you have got to keep in mind is at your young age to continue to aggravate your injury you have a lot of years left to live. Will you be able to continue functioning IF your injury is never allowed time to heal? Has your doctor ever given you any time off of work to attempt to let the injury heal? If not are you seeing the kind of doctor that might consider just taking you off work and giving your body a chance to recover. Given that your employer simply refuses to abide by your doctor ordered restrictions I think any doctor worth their salt would NOT want you on the job continuing to aggravate that back/neck injury. Such a shame that the employer can't just do what they are supposed to do and follow those orders.

    Good luck to you hl I hope you can get things turned around soon. Don't forget to get in touch with JLJ I think he can help you to find a new attorney if nothing else.

    "He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client"
    Abraham Lincoln

    Take Care and Be Well.

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    Default Re: explenations and appologies

    Thanks Steel i'll try to contact JLJ agian I told the doctor about what was going on at work but all he said was that he would talk to the adjuster and i'm still doing the same work that violates my retsrictions and causes so much pain.My body hasn't been able to heal I stay in pain.The doctor is sending me for another epidural but I fear it will take another 2 months to recieve it and it is supposed to help with physicle therapy.Already done 6 sessions of P/T and all they will do is light shock(eastend)I think they call it.This is the second time the I/C has done this the doctor ordered the epidural to coencide with P/T so I could do it without pain I went through P/T unable to do much without pain.What do I do if their bent on preventing my treatment any way possable?They're killing me my neck is bent to one side(right)full time and I can't straighten it.The doctor has refered me to a neurosergion at the same time he asked for the epidural and that has been two weeks ago.Meanwhile I am reduced to going in to work and continuing to lift,push and pull on these boxes weighing between 25 and 80 lbs..What am I to do I,ve thought about it and I'm going to set an appointment with my attorney to see if they plan to do anything to help me since I have it on video.I took a little video camera in to work and hid it to catch it all on video what I was going through for the last 5 months and which I think has contributed to the bend in my neck.A little advice please,should I file a complaint with the department of labor for help.What should I do I feel like they're trying to hurt me more and I have begged to be put on something that followed my restrictions,and I know they have such work but they refuse to place me on it they think that the work will heal me.Anyway I will try to contact JLJ agian,hope you're doing good and take care of yourself.

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