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    Default Settlement Offer Seems Low

    I was injured 2/2006. Went through physical therapy, steroid shots and finally surgery. I fell at work over and extension cord that was stretched across a door way. I hurt my wrist shoulder and knee. Everything healed except my wrist. I had surgery in May 2007. Turned out that I had torn the tendon in my arm. Scar tissue had built up and encapsulated a nerve leading to my hand. The doctor release the nerve and repaired the tendon.

    Now workers comp sent me in for a rating. The doctor says there is a 25% disability. I will never get better and I will always have pain when trying to use my hand. It is my right hand and I am right handed.

    Work comp attorney offered $3500 and will leave medical open for one year. This seems really low considering it will never get any better and I will have pain the rest of my life. Not to mention I cannot use a mouse any longer on my computer. The company had to buy me a lap top with a touch pad because I cannot hold my hand in the position to use the mouse. I work on a computer all day every day.

    How can I find out what the calculation should be? Maybe they are being fair, but it just does not seem so. I have had to use my sick time and vacation time over the last 1.5 years for appointments and time off after surgery, because I could not take the cut in pay. I am a single parent and require every dime I make to cover bills. My salary is over $1000 per week but work comp would only cover $450. Is there any way I can recover my sick time and vaction time I had to use?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Another confused person in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: Okay-now I a confused!

    yes it does if this chart is accurrate. You might show it to the atty and ask for an explanation.
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