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    Default Do I Qualify for Workers Comp

    About two and a half years ago I injured my left knee. This was not at work. It was swollen for few days and it wasn't 100% afterwards, however I was able to function normally. I could walk run , play basketball etc.
    I never went to a docotor at the time. About a year ago I had an accident at work (I slipped) and my left knee started to hurt , it didn't not swell or anything. I went to see a doctor (workers comp) and she said there was nothing wrong with it. 6 months later I went to see a doctor again cause it hurt a little bit every once in a while. I told the doctor about my first accident and I asked if maybe I had torn some ligament. She said no , she ordered an x-ray and after examination of the x-ray and of the knee she said there's nothing wrong with the knee.
    Few days ago I was at work, I stepped wrong and my knee popped and swelled. I reported that to my supervisor. He said ok , and that's it.
    After few hours my knee poped few more times and the swelling got really bad, so I said I'm going to urgent care. At urgent care they reffered my to specialist. Next day I went back to work to ask if I am going to get workers comp. They said there was no accident report written, so I had to have my supervisor fill one out then. So he did , but then they said it will not qualify because nothing specific happened to cause the injury. They said stepping wrong or akwardly doesn't count and it was probably caused by the injury from 2.5 years ago. After long debate they said they'll file the claim but probably nothing will happen out of it.
    The bottom line is: I just had MRI done and it turns out I had torn ACL and need surgery.
    So far all medical care I had to arrange myself , my employer done nothing.
    I am using my own medical insurance to pay for everything. I called about the status of the workers comp claim , they said somebody will call me that day. 3 days later no one called , so I asked for a number to that person, I called left a message and haven't heard back since

    My question is: Do I even qualify for workers comp ? (WHY?)
    Will my workers comp reimburse me for all the expenses?

    What should I do ? should I contact a lawyer ?

    Thank you in advance
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    Default Re: Do I qualify for workers comp ?

    I got really good reply from someone in nc area for this.
    If I a mod would close this post that would be fine.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Do I qualify for workers comp ?

    Where do you live? Work comp laws vary from state to state. In Nevada a pre-existing injury that is re-injured on the job does not necessarily affect compensability of the new injury. If you have a doctor that states that your injury is work related you probably have a valid work comp claim.

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