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    Default Husband recently injured.

    My husband was recently injured on the job...nothing too serious; however, it does require some follow up dr. appts. His employer just told him that while they will cover the time off of work for when the injury initially occurred, there is nothing in the "employee handbook" stating they need to cover time off for follow dr. appts and he needs to use his PTO time. Is this correct? If not, where would I find documentation to prove this? Also, it's a smaller company - does that make a difference (number of employees?). Thanks for any info.

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    Default Re: Husband recently injured.

    There is no explanation or list of all the things not covered by workers comp. The law does desribe in detail disability payments and what is considered disability. Time off for medical appointments is not considered a medical disability but is covered under an employers leave policy or the labor contract.
    Your husband can contact the carrier or the state work comp claims division for additional help

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