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    Default How Long Do You Have To File A Workers Comp Claim

    I work at an animal clinic and got bitten by a dog this afternoon. It didn't seem too bad to be at first, but a co-worker suggested that I go to the hospital and that if I did my bills would potentially paid for by my employer and that I could get workers comp. I wasn't sure about that and my boss (the owner of the establishment) never came to me and offered this service. Now, 9 hours later, I'm still in a LOT of pain and my finger (where I was bitten) is kinda numbing a bit and may be a little swollen.
    If I was to go to the hospital now would my job still be required to pay my bills (if they ever were required to) and could I still get workers comp? or since I let it go this long do I no longer have that option? OR since I work in an environment where dog bites are a danger/hazard that comes w/the job, was I ever able to get workers comp?

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    Default Re: Some questions about workers comp laws

    yes you can still file a claim.
    The form and instructions are here

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    You need to file an incident report with your employer ASAP and obtain the employer's worker's compensation insurance information so you provide it to the hospital. Be sure to document the date and time of the accident, the name and owner of the dog, the names of any witnesses, and to whom you reported the accident. Document. Document. Document. The workers' compensation carrier will provide you with a claim number. You should know that the State of Texas does not require employers to carry workers' compensation insurance, so your group health insurance may have to cover your expenses. If you don't have group health insurance, you may get stuck with the medical bills.

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