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    Question FCE and Disability Rating

    I was injured at work in June 2003. I had my first back surgery in June 2004. They put a cadaver bone in my vertibre. It did not fuse and within 4 months the doctor told me that I would need to have another surgery. I finally had that in January 2007. They took the bone from my hip this time and it has fused. I am still in extreme pain in my kneck and between my shoulder blades. The doctor that did my surgery refered me to a spine specialist about 6 weeks ago. He told me that I had prolonged injury to my muscles in my kneck and back because of compensating for the pain for so long and not being able to be active. He did some injections in my back and sent me to therapy 3 times a week for a month. I went back on Monday this week and he barely touched me. They therapy and injections were not working. He told me that he is done with me. I have to come to the conclusion that I am never going back to work, close my wc claim and move on. He told me that my disability rating will probably be in the mid 20's and gave me a release to go back to work on lite duty, no more than 10lbs - seditary duty. He also wants to schedule a FCE. He is trying to get it approved with wc at this time. The company that I worked for is no longer in business so there is no option for me to go back seditary duty. 1. What all is involved in a FCE and 2. What is a mid 20's diability rating consist of?

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    Each state has it's own rating rules. Many use one develped by the AMA for rating disability. the physician reviews different bodily functions/conditions like range of motion, atrophy, strength, etc according to the directions in the rating manual. A mathmatical formula is applied to the results and disability rating is generated with 100% being totally disabled and 0 = no disability. There are additional disability benefits available with the length/amount depending on the rating.
    You can find out more about nebraska's work comp system here
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