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    Brief summary. 75% of job is typing on a computer. Computer is located on a countertop NOT designed for extensive typing. Nov 06 claim filed, evaluation, and rehab completed by Mar 07 for carpal tunnel syndrome and returned to full duty. Instructions provided to employer was to modify work station to be ergonomicly friendly. Two visits to my station by Return to Work Coordinator to begin correcting my station. Twice the comment was made, "it's dumb to move the desk out". Oct 07, still no ergonomicly friendly work station and my supervisor witnessed me hit my knee HARD at the uncorrected work station. She insisted on completing work comp claim form. Friday, 11/02/07 at 1pm, I turned in some related forms to Return to Work Coordinator regarding injury at work station. On 11/02/07 at 3pm, I received job change by the hiring authority, bypassing 4 supervisors in my chain of command. Any suggestions???

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    What state are you in?
    and, Suggestions regarding...???

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    sdmike, Welcome to the WC forum for IW. What exactly is it that you want suggested? I am confused by your post, sorry. Are you asking if they can do this? Is it something that you are opposed to? Is the job change what you object to or the fact that the supervisors were bypassed? Is the new position one that you are trained for or can be trained for? Is the pay the same, better, worse? Are your benefits altered with the change of positions? Will the new position help keep you healthy?

    CTS can become a problem again, even if surgically addressed, if you continue to do the same things in the same way that caused the original flare.

    If the employer is NOT complying with the recommendations for your work station call the WC IC and let them know that the ER is putting you at undue risk for injury. I would think after a WC claim for CTS, especially if the IC paid for the release surgery and/or other expensive treatments, that the ER would be falling all over themselves to make the recommended changes.

    If you would be a bit more specific about what you want suggested I am sure many here will be happy to chime in with a reply.


    Top of the morning to you BViA, I am glad I am not alone with the confussion. Have a good one.

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