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    Default Running out of time and money-Part Deux

    Steel Magnolia, will u plz read my post again. didn't know what i was doing first time around... nor second, apparently.

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    Default Re: Running out of time and money-Part Deux

    From what little there was to read I would suggest you contact a PA attorney and pursue your WC claim in PA. Why did they cut you off in PA?

    Most attorneys will handle a claim for the state you were injured in regardless of what state you live in. Getting one in PA to represent you should not be all that big of a deal. PM Scar Tissue and see if he can get you a few names of attorneys in PA. He lives in and has a WC claim in PA.

    "He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client"
    Abraham Lincoln

    Take Care and Be Well.

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    Default Re: Running out of time and money-Part Deux

    I read your post and like Steel, I am confused. You were injured in PA but denied benefits? The benefits were paid in Texas but will stop at 104 weeks after the date income benefits began. Texas approved medical but the carrier is denying additional medical. If I remember correctly, PA has better WC than Texas and you can receive a longer period of income benefits. If you were a Texas employee working for a Texas employer out of Texas, then you are covered by Texas WC. If you were a PA employee but live in Texas then you should be covered by PA workers compensation. The key is where your base is as an employee, not where you were injured.


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