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    Angry Sueing Workers Comp

    My wife has been fighting wc for almost 4 years now. She has a new lawyer (about 6 or 7 months now). However it is her lawyer-which is great. But how about the spouse! I guess we have no rights. We just have to sit buy and watch are lives destroyed, watch as our loved ones get worse, listen to the latest story of how a piece of garbage employer jerks around your husband or wife at work hopeing they'll quit?
    OK Done venting.
    Question? Isn't there any lawer or law firm out there willing to take on wc, and the state of Florida on behalf of the spouse's. Aren't we being injured as well? Doesn't the 9th amendment or some common law give us some right to the legal system.
    Even if it can't be won at least it would draw some attention to the workers comp victims and there spouse's and the lives being destroyed.
    Brothers and sisters it's time to rattle the cage.

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    if you got enough up front money to afford it you should easily be able to find an atty willing to give you the attention you want but i doubt they'll do it for free or on contingency.
    You can start searching for willing atty here

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    Default Re: Sueing Workers Comp

    The injured spouse has no legal standing in the claim unless the issue is death benefits or attendant care. What benefit do you feel that you are entitled to? I agree with SH that unless you are willing to put up big money in advance for fees and costs you will not find an attorney to take the case. Keep in mind wc is a "no fault" insurance and you cannot sue for pain and suffering.

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