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    Question Broken bones

    Over twenty years ago I fell down an elevator shaft while sheet rocking the inside resulting in multible broken bones. For months I layed in a hospital bed wondering if I was ever going to walk again; I was lucky I was only 27 feet from the bottom when I fell. Three and half years later I went back into construction pressured by LI to work; even though it was against my doctors orders. My blance and my strength hasn't been the same sense I worked for less then a year and fell out of a skylight while sheetrocking it and broke my back. Again in 2005 I fell off a ladder and cracked a rib and tore up my shoulder two weeks later I stepped off a curb into an unfinish driveway and twisted my ankle and boke it. Just a few weeks ago I fell off another ladder and broke my wrist. Oh! I left one out last year a bundle of wood fell of a rack and landed on my foot and broke a bone in the top of it. I've had a lot of other injuries but I worked through them all.

    I'm affraid that one of these day's I'm going to fall and not get back up because of that fear I don't want to go back to work. But I think I have to because LI only will judge me by that broken wrist injury and not every thing else I've gone through.

    All I've ever done in my life is work on houses and drywall and I'm pushing 60 now. I'm looking for input.

    Thank you
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    Default Re: brokenbones

    I don't blame you for being afraid. Have you considered applying for social security and maybe retiring? It doesn't sound like you can take to many more injuries to your bod.

    Please take care

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