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    Default Medical bills and workers compensation

    I have been on worker compensation now for 2 years for lower back problems. There has been a 3 visit i had made to the Hosiptal ER for increase pain. None of these bills are being paid by the ic. They will pay all of my doctor visit and medication but not the ER visits why would this be ?
    Each visit the bills total 3500.00 ea. How do you get them to pay ?

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    Lightbulb Re: medical bills / workercompensation

    If your Dr. was unavailable, and the ONLY Way You could receive care was through the E.R, They should have to Pay the Bill, if the Visit Concerned Your Injury, and the Treating Dr. at the E.R. noted such! Send the Bills to Your Attorney, and if they don't Pay, a Penalty Petition can be Placed on the I/C By Your Attorney. Then at a Hearing the Judge will make a Ruling, and if They find the I/C at Fault, can Penalize them from 10-50%, and the Penalty monies go to You! Talk to Your Attorney A.S.A.P.!!!

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