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    I got a copy of my FCE test results today. I was told to do my very best which I did during the 5 hour exam even though I was in pain which was noted every hour by the examiner. The results says I am functionally employable at this time in a position respectful of the physical capabilities and tolerences as outlined in the report. It says I have the physical capability and tolerance to function between medium and heavy categories of work. I have not worked in 2 1/2 years and my previous job was a general manager of a company where I spent 95% of my day sitting at a desk.The report says for sitting: that I demonstrated significant weight shifting while sitting and frequently needed to transition from sit to stand.They also measured my range of motion for my back and my lumbar range of motions were at least 60-70% below the normal range of motion. But nowhere in the report does it say that all though I was capable of doing all the tasks but my pain level was recorded at a 7-8 pain level. My heart rate did show on the report as a start rate of 115 and end rate of 140 after each task. They did say that I put forth my maximum effort throughout the test. Now I go next week back to my surgeon to be put at MMI and for him to rate my disability using the results of this report and the range of motion test they gave me.

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    Who sent you for the FCE exam, your POR or the BWC? This can make a huge difference. Your situation is a pain in the butt for the time being, but if you have a surgeon that is understanding of how things work it will be much easier on you in the long run. When yopu go see your surgeon next week, just inform him of what happened during the FCE, and that you would like to take another one from a different evaluation clinic this time. Explain to him that you do in fact wish to go back to work, you just want to be sure you are going back with the best knowledge of your situation as possible. Explain to him that if the FCE states that you can do a job in the range of medium to heavy work categories, then the BWC will expect you to look for a job in that classification range, and you don't wish to hurt yourself any further. The surgeon should not only understand this, he should be behind that method of thinking 100%. Good Luck, I hope I have helped you out some. If not, hopefully some others will be along to give their thoughts also. Take care.

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    I am not qualified to do anything but office type of work. My employer has no job for me now. The IC already called him several times and he told them he has no position for me now so the IC has to find me something or send me to voc rehab or continue to pay TTD until they find something. I am on SSD and I can't believe the results of this test. I have so much pain I can barely wait until my next pill dose. I see a PM doctor once a month and was told I will see him for life most likely. I am taking some strong narcodic pain meds along with 2 nerve meds for nerve pain. This test result said nothing about my high pain level I was in while taking the test even though it was recorded every hour for 5 hours.

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    pain is subjective. the work comp rules are geared toward objective functional impairment. do not expect them to recognize or treat pain as disabling and therefore entitled to much in the way of long term benefits.

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