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    Ruptured disc, fusion surgery, case should go to settlement next month. I am worried that I could end up getting my settlement in payments vs a lump sum. How do I prevent this or can I ?

    Injury has knocked me out of my profession and I borrowed money to stay afloat and need to pay off everything in full to survive afterwards ... home, loans, etc. Looking at 20 - 23 percent rating and my attorney says it will "go over the top" and he can get me 4 times the percentage in court.

    If I get a lump sum we can make it ... if not the interest and situation will eat up a lot of money if we get payments.

    Information ... Advice ??? TIA

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    If it's going to be settled, I'd suspect strongly that you're going to get a lump sum. Of course, if you are getting an award of Permanent and Total Disability (benefits until eligible for Social Security Old Age), you'll only get a maximum of 100 weeks lump sum, then the rest in periodic payments.

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    Thank you

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