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    Question Injured At Work While Off The Time Clock

    this puzzels me and has put me through alot of pain and suffering, i had clocked out of work and went out to the smoke shack and had me a smoke and then i started for my car and slipped and fell on ice , a co-worker who was walking with me told me i needed to go to the office and report it so i did the safety guy was there, he took me to the first aid room looked at my injury which was my left wrist ( it was all puffed up and distorted) he made me asplint outof a cardboard box and a gauze roll and took me to their doctor i was there for about an hour and the docs office took an x ray finally the doc comes in and tells me i fractured my left wrist in a couple of places and writes me a script for a splint from the hospital and writes another script for pain meds then i get sent back to work even though im off the clock and then sent to the hospital to wait another 2 hours for a sling and splint i am in exteme pain now and my humilation can bear no more the tears are rolling and i cant stop them ,finally i get my splint and sling and get to go to the pharmacy for the pain meds which is at the local walmart and then thats another hours wait . i clocked out at 3 pm got hurt at 315 approx. and didnt get home til after 9pm and oh yeah being the sole supporter of a family of 5 i went to work the next morning on light duty, but anyways my question is were they allowed to put this on w/c or do i have a personal injury lawsuit i can put on them??

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    Why would you have a personal injury lawsuit, if you slipped on ice?

    Was your shift over for the day? Were you taking a break, or heading home? Were you parked in an employee parking lot? Was it on the employer's premises?

    You HAVE NOT LOST ANY TiME at work?

    WHat state are you in?

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    Plus, they took care of you after you fell. Why would you want to sue the company that helped you when you fell, and is now letting you work light duty after you fell. The company can't help if the doctor's office and the hospital is busy. If they did put this on their w/c for you to save you the medical bills since they know you are the bread winner of a family of 5, why would you be upset if they were or weren't supposed to do that? If I were you I would just slow down a bit and see what happens, and if they did take care of all of the bills by putting it on BWC and you have no problems with any of it. Plan on retiring from there!

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    Neo, if your Employer submitted your claim under WC and it is accepted as a work injury, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

    Too many Employers these days do NOT follow WC Law, and encourage their employees to LIE and submit the claim to their PRIVATE INSURANCE...

    An Employer is REQUIRED TO REPORT an injury that they believe to be work-related to their Work Comp Carrier, whether the employee does or does NOT "think" it is...

    The WC carrier will then determine IF your injury is allowable under WC law (which is why Princess LA was asking you all those questions that you still have not answered)...

    In either event, may your arm heal quickly, and wishing you many Happy, Productive Days ahead working with this particular Employer.

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    Neo, I would like to add that under Workers Comp, the injured worker is NOT entitled to "pain and suffering", as unfair as that may seem. You are, however, entitled to reasonably necessary medical care to relieve or cure the effects of the industrial injury, to lost wages (temporary total disability) if your treating physician has stated that you are unable to work while you you are recovering, and compensation for any residual Permanent Disability caused by the work injury. There are other benefits, but it depends of Connecticut State WC Laws.

    Here is the link for you to read

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