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    Question Shoulder Manipulation

    hi, i am hoping that there is someone out ther who has had shoulder manipulation who could possibly tell me a little of what to expectl. In july i had surgery for torn rotator cuff, impingement, torn bicep tendons and removale of part of clavicle, and other things i don't know how to spell. i now have to have shoulder manipulation because i can't put my aram behind my back. i have been back at work under normal pay but with strict resrictions. my employer has made a way for me to return under these restrictions and i do appreciate it. i just want some kind of idea of how long i might be back at home waiting on a check, which i don't like having to do. i posted this question already but i think it was under the wrong thread. thanks in advance for any replies.

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    I had it done way back in 1996.I had a ruptured disc in my neck that Dr's didn't find for months.By then my whole left arm was useless.I went in to surgery to have the disc repaired and the arm maniputation,when I woke up after surgery it felt great.And not a bit of trouble since.I hope you have the same outcome.

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