Good Morning,

I am recovering from surgery to repair the broken index finger with a severe laceration. I had two pins put in during surgery. One of the pins broke while the surgeon was installing it. When the surgeon went to the waiting room to tell my wife that the surgery went well he told her about the broken pin saying that this was the first time this has ever happened to him and the pin was right where he wanted it so he was going to leave it there. When I went to get the other pin removed the surgeons asst. said that leaving the broken one in there was perfectly normal and that it happens all the time. I don't know weather the asst. was telling me that in hopes of me beleiving it and not telling a lawyer or what. The pin is in the index finger of mt right hand, and I am righthanded. My question is, will the pin being left in the finger affect my case and should I consult a lawyer about this? Thank You for your time.