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    comp has me going to see their neurosurgeon, went to mine and he wants me sheduled for discogram and then surgery -off next 2 months, first time seeing comp doc,-been told not to say what my neurosurgeon said-what if he says that there is nothing wrong and has me go back to work? problem with l4 and l5. my job requires me to stand bend lift over 5lbs-which i cant, do i have to go by what their neurosurgeon says. i am going to get attorney, been off work 6 months, slip and fall resulting in broken wrist and bulging discs, did therapy and injections-to no avail. please help me! i dont want this do to say its all in my head or i will totally lose it. thank you so much!

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    Just be aware that there is a great deal of controversy on the topic of surgery for back pain without neurologic loss. Recent new devices, artificial disc, intervertebral spacer have to date not proven superior to traditional treatment of fusion and fusion has a long history minimal improvement of symptoms and more importantly return to work.

    THe fact that there are more and more spine surgeons every year and increasing incidence of chronic back pain patients in our ever more sedentary and deconditioned population has led to the medicalization of the normal human experience of back pain. There has been no studies that have demonstrated any long term benefit for much of the surgery we see being performed these days. Be careful what you wish for.

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    What is your STATE?
    WC laws are state specific, and vary sometimes greatly.

    In general, your benefits are dependant on what the WC doctors report...your doctors reports may be admissable, but the IC isn't going to pay for anything that is not determined to be "medically necessary" treatment to your injury...they pay based on what is required by 'law'...
    In most cases now, you don't have the option to treat with any doctor you choose.

    POR posted before I finished this, but you would do well to listen to what he says...

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