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    Angry Injured At Work, Now They Are Looking For Reasons To Fire Me


    I am so new to the w/c thing, I was injured at work hurt my back, now the problems are moving down into my hips and legs, I am having numbness in my arms and legs, I have been given restrictions not more than 5 days and 5 hrs per day, I was suppose to begin physical therapy a month ago, but the company never set it up. I am getting worse and yet when I can hardly get out of bed in the morning for work, I feel guilty if I don't. They have written me up for what they say is hear say and of course not true. yet before my injury, i was told how excellent I was and given a raise. I'm being harassed about so many things, I am mentally rained and becoming depressed. I am at a loss. What do I do? I am a single mom and it will already be hard with only 50 hrs a pay period vs 92, i usually worked.

    Will WC pick up a part of the salary, I am losing? If so who do I talk to?
    Can I be reimbursed for mileage?
    Should I get a lawyer, due to harassment an to handle my claim? Someone Please help.


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    Default Re: Injured At Work, Now They Are Looking For Reasons To Fire Me

    It will not hurt to talk to a workers comp attorney- start researching them and talk to one about your concerns. You will be glad you did.

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    Default Re: Injured At Work, Now They Are Looking For Reasons To Fire Me

    they cannot retaliate or discriminate because you filed a claim.
    If you have medical authorization for the time off you can get some disability. Your employer and doctor have to provide the carrier with the information on lost wages. Yes inform the carrier.
    talk to your doctor about a referal for counseling; don't let emotional injury add to your already difficult situation.

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    Default Re: Injured At Work, Now They Are Looking For Reasons To Fire Me

    ANd if you are still working, even though part-time, keep a PRIVATE "daily Journal" and DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT every crappy remark said to you about your injury, the fact that you filed a WC claim, etc, etc..(date/time/WITNESSES).

    Do you have copies of your previous performance evaluations? If not, see if you can get them...

    As .SH pointed out, it is illegal to retaliate, harass, terminate or threaten to terminate an employee because you filed a WC claim. This can be difficult to prove, but the more documentation you have, the better...

    You should also speak to your Doctor ASAP about the depression, which is quite common given the nature of your injury and the PAIN, and see if he can get authorization for some Counseling and medications, if necessary.

    Also, you NEED to consult with several EXPERIENCED Certified WC Attorneys. The consultations are usually free.

    Perhaps if you had an experienced attorney take over, it would alleviate a lot of the stress about YOU having to worry about what the IC is or is NOT doing to expedite your case and benefits...and maybe a well-written letter to your Employer, "reminding them" that they could be subjected to PENALTIES if they are harassing or retaliating against you because you filed a WC claim, would cause them to BACK OFF while you are trying to WORK.
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