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    Default MMI And Disability Rating?

    I broke my right elbow (radial head) and right hip in a fall at work on Sept 6, 2007. I have healed from the hip, with no permanent damage. The radial head has healed, however, the pain continues, and I can only extend my arm to about 22 degrees. I can flex it towards my shoulder to 140 degrees.
    I can't rotate my wrist right or left very far without extreme pain, the arm is very tender and sore still as well.

    I have told him about the pain, and where it is, but yet he has done nothing else to find out what it could be. We've already had MRI, CT Scans, and xrays, all negative results.

    the doctor said he wants to see me again on March 27, 2008, and then I will have reached MMI, and he will issue a MIR.

    so i've been off work all this time, and the medical bills are at minimum $25,000 and climbing.

    he has me only lifting 20 lbs briefly, and 10 lbs continously, and to start doing everything I did before to the best of my ability. throwing a football, baseball, shooting hoops, raking, sweeping, lifting, etc, and to keep a record of the one's I have the most difficulty doing from now till march.

    my mom thinks I should get a second opinion, any thoughts, ideas, on all this?

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    Default Re: MMI And Disability Rating?

    did you file workers comp?? if REALLY need to file it NOW....and make them pay your medical bills...they are responsible for the bills...not you. you also might want to consider getting or at least speaking to an attorney...cause odds are..this will end up being a battle...and yes...sounds like you need a second opinion. please keep a daily journal of things that happen day to day...starting from day one of your injury...dont leave out any details...document everything....even minor details. but document who you talk to, what they said...every single thing regarding your injury day to day.

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    Default Re: MMI And Disability Rating?

    there is different pain for different reasons.
    some pain is when something is damaged.
    other pain is when something is healing.
    the doctor expects healing pain when you are in recovery.
    part of the diagnostic process is determining the type of pain.

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