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    Default How Long Will Workmans Comp Cover You

    Its been a while since Ive been here so Just a brief history,,( I'm in IOWA)
    I tore out my KNEE in 2001(complete tear acl and cartilage) i had 3 surgery's , ACL repair, LATERAL release and some cartilage work( docs notes spell out that I will need a future knee replacement).. over the last 6 years Ive been in the doc office for shots in the knee for pain and swelling, Its been almost a years and I went back to the doc for another shot.. And I get a call from WC 2 weeks later..

    Over the last 3 years WC calls me with a small settlement offer and I always deny it say not interested because what they offer will not even cover my shots for the next 10 years let alone the rest of my life lol..

    well I got a call a couple days ago with the same small offer and I said sorry not interested
    He says that the longer I wait the harder it will be to prove the knee pain is work related and that it could be considered ageing process and lifestyle that is leading to my knee pain so my question is can the deny my surgery's and pay for the meds and shots the longer that time goes by?.. Like I said in my doc notes it does state I will need a future knee replacement..

    one last thing maybe its nothing but I haven't been to the doc for about a year and I noticed at the end of my paper work it shows a past due bill of 3000.00 ..

    anyway thanx for any help..
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    Default Re: How Long Will WORKMANS Comp Cover You?

    workers comp covers your claim against the employer.
    your claim is for a specific injury not all future injuries or conditions.
    If they can medically show that there has been intervening injuries or conditions and your current problems are not the result of the original injury and claim then they have a vailid reason to deny.
    I'm surprised they haven't requested a consult by now to check and see if that has been the case.

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    Arrow Re: How Long Will Workmans Comp Cover You

    In NY you have to see your doctor every 45 days unless you are found classified, taken a SLU or settled. If I were you I would schedule a doctor's appointment as soon as possible to list your current condition. As(.SH) the prior poster stated, they can claim what they want but it is up to you to show that you are still suffering an injury, even if a report states that you could receive a transplant, it hasn't happened yet so they are trying to get out of paying for one, any way possible, by saying this or that etc., unless there is some law in your state which states you do not need to see a doctor then you can play it off as the ic trying to jerk you around as you are costing them to much money! Do you or did you have an attorney, if so run it past him/her.
    Good luck!

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